Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Guess Who?

I made the original "Arave Family" guessing game for the reunion.
I think it turned out well.

I could have made two or three versions with all the people we have in this family ... I will for the next reunion.
A few things to keep in mind if want to make one for your family;

your pictures need to be high resolution and very clear.  I found that pictures where the person was looking slightly up worked better.

You need to be able to see eye color, hair, mouth and a little bit of what they are wearing {so you can ask questions like "are your teeth showing?" "are your eyes blue?" "is your hair short?"}

Because it was our family edition you could ask really creative and funny questions like, "are you a farmer?" "are you a Quinn?" "have you had children?" "do you live in Idaho?"