Thursday, July 5, 2012

Arave Family Reunion {Family Picture}

 Arave Family Reunion 2012
back row: Angela, Michelle, Allen and Christine Quinn, Sharon, Anthony, Ira and Eliot Quinn, April, Jake, Dallin and Mackenzie Trent, Lauren and Nathan Quinn, Bodie and Truman Simons
middle row: Clarissa, Dan, Abi and Booklyn Thomas, Marie Thun, Molly Trent, Liam Gutke, Anne, Ilene and Joel Trent, Gregg and Camille Simons
front row: Erik Thun, McKay Quinn, Dallin Quinn, Enoch Hopkinson, Ida and Alive Arave, Valine and Paul Quinn.
sitting: Aaron, Jean, Addie, Anna, Tiffany and Quinn Hopkinson

{there are more Quinn's in this family then Araves!}
 And, some silly pictures.
It's all because of these two people!

For those of you who where not at the reunion ... we missed you, and thought about you, and talked about you, and hope to see you in 2014.

{well, really we hope to see you before 2014}