Sunday, July 15, 2012

Interior Design.

 I made a quick 24-hour trip to Rexburg, Idaho this weekend to celebrate the retirement of one of my Interior Design professors.  I originally was not going to go but, the closer it got the more I felt like I really wanted to be there and, it did not disappoint.

TL was such an important part of my life during a time when I was trying to make big life decisions.  He loved each of us students like we were his own children, honestly.  He was completely supportive of me leaving the Interior Design program in the middle of my junior year {something that had never been done before} to serve a mission.  He held a place for me in the following class to graduate when I returned.  And as it turned out, he allowed me to stay in Park City after my mission to work {and date Gregg} and still take ID classes on-line {again something that had never been done before}.  I would check in with him weekly and show him what I was doing in the real world of design and he gave me straight A's - first and only time in my life that happened!

I had the opportunity to study design in France, Italy and Spain with him one summer and learned so much.  
He and his family were always so kind and accepting of me - I actually dated his son for a little while.

It is incredibly sad for the Interior Design department and the University to lose such an asset.  He has a natural eye for design and before becoming a processor owned his own successful Interior Design company.

I was so happy to be part of his retirement celebration.
This is 7 of the 16 members of my graduating class.
Cherie, Tiffany, Tammy, Heidi, TL, Justin, Marci and me.

Justin, in the yellow, was just hired as the new Interior Design faculty.  He will be great.
TL has an obsession with Rhino's - there were always inside jokes about rhinos.
One of TL's assignments for his new freshman classes is to make a "texture" ball.
Your are assigned to take a 3 inch styrofoam ball and add "texture" to it.  This cake was made to replicate the texture balls from that first assignment.

{Each year TL would keep his favorite texture balls - he has a large wooden bowl in his office with all the balls in it and my texture ball is still there!}
I love Rexburg.  I LOVED my college years.  It was so fun to go back for a quick visit.  I drove by my old apartment and around campus; the memories were flooding in.  What a great place but boy how it has changed!
Rexburg {well Idaho in general} has the best skies.
I stopped by the temple.  It was not there when I lived in Rexburg.  I lived just down the hill from where the temple is now.
There is something about Idaho that I am totally in love with.
On my drive home I called Gregg and told him I want to retire to Idaho.  He laughed.