Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Arave Family Reunion {4th of July}

Today was the first day of the highly anticipated Arave Family Reunion {my mom's family}.  We held the family reunion at the Heber Valley Camp and I think we all agree it was a great location.  The weather was perfect; a little rain, lots of sunshine, and cool nights.  Because of the high fire danger in Utah this summer we were not aloud to have fires, but I don't think anyone cared {especially all the parents - we didn't have to worry about the kids around the fire and we don't have to do loads of laundry when we get home}.  
 Gregg and I and my brother Ant and his family were responsible for dinner the first night.  We decided to do an all American Dinner to celebrate our countries freedom.  We served sliders {mini hamburgers} complete with all the toppings {this is a picture of the hamburgers hot off the grill waiting to be served with the "toppings" bar that we provided}.
{a local bakery made the mini burger buns for me}.
My brother Ant manned the grill.
Addie ready to celebrate - and eat.
We served a red, white and blue drink in festive style.
My dad helped with the kabobs.

 Lauren and Nate.
{from San Francisco}
 This was a very popular place to eat - we faced the two baby chairs toward each other and the kids loved it - they were entertained while they ate.  There were so many small kids we had to rotate them through the seats.
 Grandma and Quinn.
 The competition began early, is anyone surprised?
It started with dinner and the burger eating competition.
Winner selected a song that the loser had to sing with the two 'losing runners-up' as back-up singers. 
Nate lost {anyone surprised!?} with 1 3/4 burger.  Gregg and Aaron {his two brother-in-laws} had to sing back up.  He had to sing "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus which Anthony selected because he won with a grand told of 8 burgers {mini sliders mind you}.
For dessert we served a patriotic red, white and blue cake {and ice cream} that I made with the assembling expertise of my sister-in-law {thanks Tara}.  Inside was white and red velvet cake with Boston cream filling {wish I would have remembered to take a picture}.  Before we ate the cake there was an improv singing of the Star Spangled Banner.
 After dinner and dessert it was out to the field to play baseball - is there anything more American then that?
We played lots of baseball...
...and lots of games!