Wednesday, July 25, 2012


The weather has been beautiful in Steamboat and in the afternoon we have been enjoying the pool.
Pictured above: Sam, Kennedi & Libby Thun, Bodie, Marie Thun, Clarissa, Brooklyn and Abi Thomas.
The boys decided to have their own Olympic games in horror of the Summer Olympics starting this Friday.  I am not sure exactly what they called this event but they were seeing who could jump into the pool the furthers by clearing the line.
My cousin Josh.
McKay definitely had more of the ski-jumper approach.
Truman participated by jumping off the steps.
Next was the crab walk.  The boys had to swim across the pool while keeping their toes out of the water.  We were laughing pretty hard watching!
Tired after an afternoon at the pool!  
Stories with Grandpa Quinn.