Friday, July 20, 2012


This weekend was StampinUp! convention in Salt Lake.  As usual I tagged along with my mom and dad {my dad is on the board}.  McKay and I went one day, Lauren flew in from SF to go another day and the last day my friend Tami and I stopped by.

When did McKay get so tall?
I seriously feel short despite my out-of-control TALL hair in the picture above ..
why didn't my mom fix that crazy hair?!
My first thought when I saw this picture was,
"I look like Egon from Ghostbusters"
Remember how the Egon action figures head popped up when you pushed the button on his back?
Egon Spengler's Super Fright Feature

Anyway, back to StampinUp!  We had tons of fun.
That bag looks good on you McKay.
Doing projects.
Theme for the convention "i am..."
Going to the awards night.
Friday afternoon I stopped by with the kids - we wanted to see Aunt Lauren {to bad we missed Nate}.