Sunday, July 5, 2015

Quinn Reunion.

We headed out Thursday evening for the Quinn family reunion in Idaho Falls.  We are so lucky that the kids are good in the car - lets be honest, it's nice when you have a movie to watch!
We tried a new seating arraignment.
Our toys!
We can't go anywhere without the boys trusty bikes.  I have found that when I am only carrying the kids bikes they fit better vertically on our bike rack.
Pizza in the car on the go along with a movie.
Lucky kid.
This picture does not do the Idaho sky justice.
This kids was a die hard!

Friday, July 3rd

Friday morning we met our family at the Rexburg temple for a session.  My aunt Ilene was so gracious to watch the boys for we could attend {she also had her own 4 grandkids at her house}.
The session was full when we got there and so was the session after that.  They needed adult help in the baptistry so we were happy to help there for a few hours.
My borther-in-law Aaron was down there with Addie.  My cousin's husband and her two kids were there doing baptism's as well.
I always make Gregg take a quick drive by tour of Rick's when we are up that way.  So much has changed up there that I don't even know my way around anymore.
Friday was a pretty low-key day.  The kids went to bed at the hotel early.
I found the culprit of Pete's whiny disposition!  A new molar.  I would probably be whiny too.
Travel oils to the rescue.
One of the benefits of being in the same hotel as my parents and McKay is there free babysitters in the room next door.  McKay hung out in our room reading while Gregg and I headed out for a little date night dessert in our PJ's.

Saturday, July 4th

 Friday morning I got up bright and early to drive out to the small town of Menan to participate in the 5K with some of my cousins.  Addie is turning into quit the little running partner.
 I did this same run as a teenager with these same cousins.
Natalie, Bailee and Jenny.

Our family dominated the run!
After a quick run back to the hotel for a shower and to get the kids we went back out to Menan to the best home town parade EVER.

 Tractors, candy, patriotism ... it set the perfect 4th of July spirit.
Our attempt at a patriotic family photo.
Noone was having it.
My grandpa Quinn was feeling well enough to be brought out to the festivities for a bit.  How appropriate that he is in his lazy-boy chair in the shop!
I LOVE this picture of him and my dad.
My dad with his parents.
 We had to play baseball on the 4th of July.
What is more American then that?
It was so unseasonably hot {and kind of miserable} so we did what our parents did as kids and played in the canal.
My cousin Jenny and I did all sorts of crazy things like this as kids, it felt good to be kids again!!!
Aaron and McKay making plans.

The canal was 'that' cold that the little boys had to warm up in the 100+ degree sun.
Me looking like a nerd in my classes paired with sunglasses {no contact because of the ulcers} waiting for my prescription sunglasses to get here.
This is getting more serious, now Gregg, Aaron and McKay are making plans with the kids.
 Us showing Truman the ways of summer fun in Idaho. 
 McKay, Gregg, Enoch, Aaron and Truman.
I love all these boys.
Aaron got on my case a bit for not packing life jackets for my family.  I told him I didn't know we were going to play in the water to which he replayed, "you knew you were hanging out with me ... always bring all your gear."  That is kind of a true statement!
Cousins and best buddies {and I am so thankful Truman has Enoch to look up to}.
 I caught Aaron and McKay peeking in on one of grandpa's sheds looks for stuff they wanted!
 Bodie was happily taking a nap in grandma's house.
 And of course a little impromptu baseball.
 It just so happened that Nana and Papa Hopkinson {Aaron's parents} were traveling through Idaho Fall so they met us at my grandpa and grandma Arave's for fireworks.
 I had to buy these glow earrings for the girls.
 Our kids hate loud noises.
 grandpa and grandma Arave enjoying the show the kids put on.   
 Todd, Enoch and Aaron.
 Like father like son with this one.
 Party poopers.
 We were trying to get a full circle shot but for the life of my I could not get my iphone to cooperate.
Papa Hopkinson and Nelson.
 After our own fireworks show at Arave's we rushed back to our hotel inn IF to watch their fireworks.  They are pretty amazing fireworks set to music on the local radio station.
 Gregg has been craving Buffalo Wild wings for a long time, when he realized our hotel was just down the road from one he had to go!  He and McKay went on a man date for wings, when my mom heard they were going she said she wanted to try some.  So ... at 11:59 PM Gregg knocked on my parents hotel room to share his wings with them.  Only Gregg could get away with that!
 My mom said it was worth getting up for!

Sunday, July 5th 

 Today is my grandpa's birthday and he was feeling well enough that we got to see him!

 What an amazing man and life he has lived.
Because of him our family has the gospel.
 This is a great picture of my grandpa and McKay.
 Before we hit the road to come home we participated in the family auction.
Bodie won big with these hulk hands.

My only responsibility for the reunion {besides helping with a few meals} was to take family photos and guess what?  I forgot my camera battery!  Ahhh ... I always tripe check my gear but somehow I missed the battery which had been charging.  Luckily a cousin had a Canon rebel so I borrowed her camera and put my lens on it.
65 years of marriage.
 Their seven kids.
 Not everyone was together for the reunion but this is a big, big chuck of us were!
 My grandpa can not communicate very well anymore but my grandma told me that all he wanted was for his family to be together and that he was very happy to see all of us happy.  I saw a few tears rolling down his face.
 What better way to end the reunion then to have a favorite cousin ride home with you!!
We love Jean.