Monday, July 27, 2015

Stewart Falls.

We are checking lots of hikes off our "to hike this summer" list while Anthony and Sharon and their family are here from Michigan.  Tonight we hiked Stewart Falls for family night.
One of the kids spotted a woodpecker.
You can see its outline on the top right of the tree.
Gregg and Bodie - it's a little blurry ... but they are so cute I had to keep it.
The flowers on this trail are pretty good.
Gregg carried Pete and I carried my big camera!  It's about even.
Utah is so beautiful and so green right now.
There are tons of ferns on this hike,
I think this is the dirtiest / dustiest trail in all of Utah - it is such a well used trail {lots of BYU and UVU students} that the dirt is so so fine and is therefore so dusty.
My cute little hiker.
Truman was leading the pack and I never saw him.
Such a beautiful evening.
Look how dirty he got! And this was all on the hike into the falls!
I had to wash everything everyone was wearing on this hike including everyone's shoes and the backpacks.
Pete and Gregg sharing a snack.
Quinn Family
Sharon, Ester, Eliot, Anthony and Ira.
Cute new baby Ester.
This kid is so dang cute!
Love my little Bodie.
Love that he loves to be outdoors.
Ant and Ira.
The boys wanted to hike down to the river so Grandpa Quinn took them down there to touch the water.
Thank you grandpa.
Waving "hi" to us.
Everyone wanted to drink grandpa's water out of his cool camelback.
I love this little boy - if he lived closer to us I would kidnap him to my house everyday.  He reminds me so much of the way Anthony was as a toddler.
This is one of the only {and blurry} pictures I have of Truman because he was always the leader of the pack and I never saw him.
Even their faces have dusty dirt on them.
The boys tried to hide on the side of the trail and scare us.
Tough daddy giving Bodie a little lift on the hike out.
Eliot immediately ran to our car, jumped in and put on his buckles after the hike.
This kid adores his cousins and we are loving all the time we have with him!

It was a great evening enjoying the beauty of Utah.