Monday, July 13, 2015


Tonight for FHE and to celebrate Jake and Lukes' upcoming birthdays we went to the lake to play around.
Jake, Truman and Bodie.
These boys are crazy together.
Luke, Jake and Truman.
No fear - off the boat backward.
I started out in the water waterskiing.
I was totally peer pressured into trying the wakeboard again after not doing it since high school.
Miraculously I got right up.
My boys thought I was pretty dang cool!
And then I crashed!!!
It was such a beautiful night, the lighting was beautiful.
Gregg's got skills.

Donna, Luke and Ty.
The birthday boys.
Jake and Luke.
When we got out the tube that is when the real fun began.
Bodie was an excellent flagger.
Bodie wanted to try waterskiing INSIDE the boat.
There little Ty wanted to go out on the tube so bad so Gregg took him with Bodie and Truman.
Then out of no where Bodie, who had been so conservative up to this point broke out of his shell and shocked us all with his daredevil moves.

Truman was not about to be shown up.
It was such a beautiful night.
Taking his turn waterskiing inside the boat.
Bodie, Luke and Jake.
Luke, Truman and Jake.
 Keeping my little boy warm!
What a fun night.
Beautiful and great memories.