Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ruth Lake.

Another hike today!
I have wanted to take the kids to Ruth Lake and today the weather was perfect for the hike.
Signs like this always make me a little nervous.
Happy hiker in his element.
There are lots of natural rock stairs on this hike.
Love this.
Grandpa, Bodie and Eliot.
Drinking out of grandpa's camelback again!
Pete loved the freezing cold water.
Truman was the original dare devil.
Eliot didn't even think twice about following the example of his older cousins.
The  clothes started coming off fast!
Bodie was a little more cautious with the cold, cold water.
Action shot right after he fell in.
We weren't sure if he was going to keep his under's on.
Someone had the brilliant idea that we should all get in and attempt a family Christmas card picture.
It was freezing!
Family Christmas card?!
Grandpa and baby Ester.
He's a kid after my own heart, he loves candy!
What a beautiful hike and great company.
I love when Gregg can join us because he takes Pete.
Grandpa helping the little boys add rocks to the cairn.
Eliot and Ira were done with the hiking at this point!
I ended up hiking Truman and Bodie's wet under's out hooked to the back of my backpack.
When Truman saw them he got a good laugh.
Such great memories today.