Saturday, July 25, 2015


{McKay, me, Tiffany, Nathan, Anthony - we are only missing Dallin}

It is not very often that we are all together anymore.  Nate was in California for some meetings {from Japan} so he stopped by Utah to see everyone.  Anthony and his family are in-town for their yearly summer visit and we finally have McKay home from his mission.  Unfortunately Dallin and Becca are in Portland for the summer working.
Hair cut time!
Nate FINALLY cute his hair short - about a week before he came Lauren asked me if I would trim it up while he was here.
I kind of have a lice phobia after a little scare this summer - so when I thought I saw a little black bug in Nate's hair I kind of over reacted. Tiff, Sharon and I checking it out.
Someone is not as happy about his hair cute.
First haircut post mission.
Pete's feeling about a hair cut!
Lauren sent surprises for all the kids over from Japan with Nate.
So sweet!
Trying out all sorts of Japanese candies and toys!
We took this picture for Lauren because she sent squid jerky over for the boys {as a joke} because my kids love squids.  They actually LOVED the jerky ... nasty!
Making swiss bratzeli cookies.
We love the squid!
Sharon took a picture like this when she was pregnant and sent to all of us so here is Tiff's
It's all about perspective.