Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fairy Garden.

We have been packing in as many hike's as we can this summer.  Today our friends invited us to go check out the fairy garden's in the Uintas.
We found some rocks around our yard and decorated them to add to the fairy garden.
My cute little hiking buddies.
Non of us had been there before {I had never heard of it before} so we followed some directions we found on line.  It said to park by mile marker 17 and walk east - so we did.
It was a busy day there so it wasn't hard to find.
Bodie's rock.
Our kids.
Bodie, Miles, Ella, Gabrielle, Noah, Kate, Quincy, William, Tabitha, Caroline and Truman
Some of our kids put their rocks together under this tree.
There were so many cute rocks to look at.
Bodie loved looking at all the detail - and getting ideas for his next rock.
The kids were so cute together.
Inside Out.
They found something they liked!
This tree stump was carved and painted like a mushroom.
It was a cute little enchanted part of the forest.
This was one of my favorites, it's even in the shape of Utah.
My little buddies.
It was a fun outing, we will have to stop again next year when we drive past.

Tami and I and our kids drove further up the road to hike Ruth Lake but when we got there big thunder clouds had rolled in and the temperature had dropped to 50 degrees.  We decided it wasn't a good ideas to hike in weather like that so we turned around and drove home {after a quick stop at the Chevron in Kamas for bear claw donuts}!