Friday, July 10, 2015

Memorial Hill.

Today we met our friends the Woolstehulme's for a hike up Memorial Hill.
Every time we drive by Memorial hill Bodie asks, "when are we going to hike that mountain?" 
 We have Quinn staying with us for a few days and it is so much fun.
 Bodie has been obsessed with hiking this summer.  It's been so fun.
 Luke and Bodie.
It was such a beautiful morning.
 A little running mixed in with the hiking.
 The big boys beat us to the top.
We love having Quinn with us. 
As soon as we got home Bodie promptly got in the shower with his "crystals" and cleaned them all up.  I think its hilarious how he sits in Petes little tub while the shower sprays on him. 
 Bodie's crystals from the hike.
This afternoon the thunder clouds rolled in and it has been raining.