Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day Trip - Idaho.

With Anthony visiting from Michigan and Nate visiting from Japan we figured it was a good idea to make a quick day trip to Idaho Falls to see our grandpa Quinn.
We left early Sunday morning, I took Pete with us.  It was so much fun to have all that time in the car to talk with my brothers.  We made it in time to hit the 11 o'clock sacrament meetings.  I left Pete with my brothers {in sacrament meetings} and I went to sit with my grandma Arave in Relief Society.
After church we headed straight over to my grandpa and grandma Quinn's house.
In the picture on the left Ant and Nate are saying, "it still smells like it did when we were kids, grandma's house" to which my grandma replied, "it better"
The priest in their ward stopped by to give my grandpa the sacrament.  They were the most polite, well behaved priest with the best manners - we were all really impressed.  We especially thought it was awesome when we saw the note tapes to their retro briefcase "Bishop Arave's" That is my other grandpa who used to be the bishop of the ward!!!  {Later in the day when we were at my grandpa Arave's we asked him about it and he old us the entire story of how the briefcase came to be}.
My grandpa hadn't been out of bed since the 4th of July festivities but he knew we were coming and his nurses helped him out of bed for Sunday lunch with us.  So special. 
Classic dinner at grandpa and grandma Quinn's.
Love this picture of my grandparents.
The best part of dinner was the reminiscing we did about childhood memories with our grandpa and grandma.  Whenever we got a detail wrong {like the size of my grandpa's motorhome we took on some southern Utah adventures} my grandpa would pipe-up and correct us.  He has one sharp memory.
My cousin Jake had seen on social media that we were making a one-day trip, he happened to be in Idaho visiting his family so he stopped by to see us {well, to see Nate}.
I will always love this picture of my grandparents.
I have learned so much from them about Christ like love as I have watched my grandpa in sickness.
Nate, grandpa, Ant, McKay.
All the reminiscing about childhood memories lead to some re-enactments!
We used to ALWAYS use these sleeping pads to made 'sleds' to slide down grandpa and grandma's stairs.
I love this picture because we told grandma to look upset and grandpa just looked at us like we were crazy!
Of course there are TONS of memories with these exact dress-ups that can still be found in grandpa and grandma's basement.  My grandpa's pink cheeks {embarrassment} are the best thing about this picture!
Do they really think we hold our hands like that?
I don't get it.
They do have the knee-pop down!
How do they know about that?
{Ant, Nate, McKay and Jake}
If only their employers could see these.
Would you believe he works for GE corporate?
He works for Domo!
Well, he actually is still available, currently unemployed and at BYU!
And he works for Deloitte international in Japan.
That was about all the goofing off my grandpa could handle!  The boys all helped him back into bed and made sure he was comfortable.
We each took turns saying good-bye, which ended up being our last, for this life time anyway.

McKay and my grandpa have always had a special bond.  I am glad McKay made it home from his mission in time to see my grandpa.
My grandma felt so bad about the sore above my grandpa's eye - he had wanted he head scratched the night before and she accidentally rubbed it a little raw.
Good-bye to Pete.
My grandpa was so proud that he could still lift his hands on his own!  So sweet.
After saying our goodbyes we headed over to our grandpa and grandma Arave's house.
Nate being greeted by grandma Arave.
McKay's turn.
Typical look for my grandpa Arave!
Checking out Pete's growth.
{My brother's were ALL so helpful with Pete all day}.
We had about an hour to just sit around and talk.  It was really a nice visit.
Pete and grandma reading the paper.
He is a little snuggler and she loved it.
Nate. Ant. Alvin, Ida, McKay.
Someone let Pete out ...

What a great visit.
We all agreed it was completely worth the 8+ hours in the car in one day.  And thanks to all our spouses {minus McKay} plus our parents who made it possible.