Wednesday, May 27, 2015

McKay is HOME!

Today is the day we have been waiting for as a family for the last two years!
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McKay arrived home from his mission tonight.
The ride to the airport.
Here we are patiently waiting at the airport.
Here is the rest of Utah waiting for their missionaries too.
His first sighting of us as he came off the escalators.
My mom made sure everyone knew that SHE got the first hug.
Huges for dad.
McKay's best friend from high school, Jason was there.  He has decided to be baptized and has been waiting for a few months for McKay to get home so he can baptize him.
Hugs for me and Pete.
Meeting Pete, it was a little overwhelming.
There was no hiding the ugly cry for me!
The kids all waited patiently for their turn to huge their uncle McKay.

Checking out his broken arm.
He broke it Saturday night in the mission.
We couldn't be more happy to have him home.
Nelson, Addie, Bodie, Grandma, Jean, McKay, Enoch, Quinn, Truman, Anna, Grandpa, Pete.
Time to go show McKay his new home in Midway.
Gregg put our kids to bed at home so I could stay at my parents for a while and hear about McKay's mission.  Dallin, McKay and I stayed up WAY to late.
 So happy he is home safe!
My parents new great room decor.
 Missionary shoes after two years of walking around Mexico City.
 This is his 'airport' tie.
McKay spent the entire first year of his mission in the office as a financial secretary and pretty much a personal assistant to the Mission President.  Because so he took ALOT of trips to the airport so every time he did he wore this tie and made tally marks.   It only seemed appropriate that he wear the tie to the airport today on his way home!
 He didn't write.
A personal note from some dear friends in Mexico.
 He pulled out this picture of my boys that he carried in his scriptures his entire mission, it melted me!
The simple pleasures you miss like a nice cold glass of milk from the fridge.
The broken arm and wrist.
There is a story but it is to delicate and fragile of a story to be told yet.
 About two months ago we {our entire family} got an email from my dad with McKay's new phone number.  He was slightly excited for McKay to come home and tonight gave him his new iphone 6.
 The unpacking aftermath!
We told McKay not to bring any clothes home, and he didn't.  He literally had the shirt {and underwear} off his back and that was it!  Pictured below he had to borrow a jump-suit from my dad for bed ... we were dying of laughter.
 My mom would not let him out of her sight.
She literally tucked him in bed before going to bed herself!

Once my mom went to bed McKay, Dallin and I stayed up WAY to late (to the tune of 2 AM) talking.  It is so good to have him back!!