Thursday, May 28, 2015

School's OUT for the summer!

School is out of the summer!!!
The mom's met the kids at the bus stop today with this sign, some balloons and pizza to have a little party.
All the photographers and proud mama's.
The balloons were a little late getting there so we had to pose the picture again!
We went across the street from the bus stop to a friends back yard and had a little party.
One of the neighbor girls had the cutest braid in her hair so I asked her if I could snap a picture of it.  What a cutie!
Some of our friends gave all the kids these darling packages with sidewalk chalk as a gift.
We have the cutest friends!
The kids each got a balloon to play with.
I love where we live.
I love these ladies and their friendship and I especially love all the kids and good influence.  Truman had 12 little boys in kindergarten that rode the bus with him everyday.  It was so fun to see what kind of adventures those boys would come up with.
I love this kid.
He is such a good kid and an easy first child.  He loved the first half of kindergarten and his small class with Mrs. Huntington.  He was also SUPER excited to be moved into duel immersion and to have two new teachers.  He didn't skip a beat switching from one class (and entire program) to another.  I am excited for summer and to not have a schedule!