Thursday, May 14, 2015

Let's Play Music: music recital.

Tonight Truman had his second year "Lets Play Music" recital.  He just finished a semester of 'Yellow Arrows' and earlier in the year he finished 'Green Turtles'
What a cutie.
{he is looking so grown up to me lately}.
Here he is playing "I'm an Indian" with his friend Gracie
The Pirate Ship song {which is a puppet show and a favorite with Truman}.
Cuttest actions!
And cuttest smile.
This was "Don't put your trash in my backyard" - I love how Truman is standing!  When you watch the video you will see that he was facing Miss. Emily's husband and trying to follow him in the round.
We love Miss. Emily.
A little gift for the mom's.
These cute kids just finished their second year together and for some it was their third year together because we did Sound Beginnings with several of them.
Miss. Emily, Dylan S., Aiden H., Gracie B., Elsie M., Katie B., Truman S., Kate R., and Ellie P.
Flowers for Miss. Emily.
Bob was the only grandparent in town to support Truman.  His little brother Paul happened to be passing through town for a few hours so he came as well.  It was VERY nice of Paul to come, we haven't seen him in about eight years.
Bob, Paul and Gregg.
Paul gave each of our kids a gift card to Toys R' Us which was very generous.  It was such a nice surprise to see him and so nice of him to spend his limited amount of time in Midway at Truman's recital.
We were really proud of Truman and his hard work all year.
He loves to play the piano and has recently started to transpose some his songs into other keys {he doesn't realize that is what he is doing but he will learn soon}!  This program really is spectacular, I can't say enough good.