Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day {2015}.

Happy Mother's Day.
I love these little men that make me a mother.
Truman wondered when "kid" day at "dad" day was going to be!
He wanted his picture taken!
And he insisted on having a soccer ball and posing like this, I think it is kind of cute.
He looks so sharp and grown up.
He wanted to take my picture since it is "mom's day" after all!
It's blurry but it was a good first attempt.
Thank you Truman.
 Love you Truman and thank you for loving me.
He has this one sideways tooth that is about to fall out any minute.
He lost his first tooth the night before we came home from Japan ... he actually swallowed it in his sleep!  Now we need this one to come out.
I had no expectations about today.
I only wanted to take this traditional Mother's day photo with my kids.
It was a perfectly simple day.

I always love what the kids bring home from church.

He made this one in English class.
And this one in Spanish class.
Happy Mother's day to my selfless and inspiring mother,
And Happy Mother's day to the many wonderful mother's I know who are great example to me of motherhood.