Thursday, May 7, 2015

10 year wedding anniversary.

 Today is our 10 year wedding anniversary.
We called our trip to Japan our anniversary trip - it was a great one - but we still wanted to celebrate today on our real anniversary date.
 I can not believe it was 10 years ago.
That day was perfect.
Dallin and Becca were SO gracious to watch our kids so we could go on a little 24-hour getaway.  We agreed to take Pete with us :) 
 Gregg's gift to me was that he went shopping for a new wardrobe.
My girt was that I got to shop all day :)
He got some nice stuff, now I just need to get it tailored.
It was a trooper.
 We have a tradition that we go to McDonald's every year on our anniversary.  Gregg took me to McDonalds the morning we got married on the way to the temple - he had eaten breakfast with my family while I was getting read.  By the time we were on the road to the temple I realized how hungry I was so he took me to breakfast.  We talk about it every year and then go get something to eat!!!
Gregg has been wanting to try this Belgium waffle place out in downtown Salt Lake for quit some time so today was the perfect day.
 This was the small fry ... it was huge!
Apparently the Belgians are known for their dipping sauces.  They didn't offer Gregg's favorite from his mission but I did love these two, a dill on the left and a thousand island ranch on the right.

I didn't take any other pictures of the hotel or walking around Salt Lake or dinner.  It was so nice of Dallin and Becca to watch the two older boys for us so we could get away for the night, even if it was just to Salt Lake.  Sometimes those are the best getaways!

It has been a fantastic and fun 10 years - I can't believe all that we have been blessed with in the last ten years ... I feel very thankful.