Saturday, May 9, 2015

Soccer: last game.

Today was our last spring soccer game.
 Nice kick Truman {and he scored off this kick}.
 Buddies playing and getting ready for the kick off.
Bodie, Truman and Luke Giles.
I love the girl in the background with the birthday crown on!
 A little encouragement from the coach {dad}.
 Luke W., Luke G., and Bodie.
So serious.
 Dad trying to get Bodie in the right position for the kick-off ...
 ... and being a little goofy.
 I am bummed this is not in focus, I love that smile.
 Bodie, Jake W., Luke W.. Coach Gregg, Luke G., Truman.
 We ended up with all boys on our team AND all these boys live here in our neighborhood.
It was such a fun season playing with some of our best friends.
And, they pretty much dominated every game which makes it fun!