Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Payson Temple open house.

 We attended the Payson Temple open house today as a family.
The temple is beautiful with all the dark woodwork, large baseboards and textiles.
 Our sweet Bodie.
 The Hopkinson family met us there.
Anna, Jean, Quinn, Tiff, Enoch, Addie, Aaron and sleeping Nelson.
So did the BYU Quinn's
Dallin and Becca.

And my mom was there ... but I didn't get a picture of her or with her :(
 Can you tell the sun was shinning right into our eyes?!
We don't look very happy.
 Cute Dallin and Becca.

I am very thankful for the recent opportunities we have had to take our kids to the Ogden and now Payson temples.  Hopefully they will always remember the spirit they felt there.