Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kindergarten School Party: Truman

Today Truman's kindergarten class had a pizza party to celebrate all their hard work this year.  His teacher's let me help since I haven't been able to help in his new duel immersion classes yet this year {more on that back HERE}.
Both of the duel immersion classes came together for the party.  That is a lot of kindergarteners in one room!  I brought the drinks and the veggies and I almost created a disaster.  I could have sworn that Mrs. Henry told me I was only brining enough for one kindergarten class but when I showed up BOTH kindergarten classes were there.  I rushed to the cafeteria and begged the lunch ladies to save me, which they did!  They had extra juice boxes in the fridge and we cut the veggies smaller.  Kindergarten crisis averted!!!
His buddy Jake.
Truman and Luke.
Truman and Maestra Ibarra.
She was so kind and sweet to Truman these last few months as he worked so hard to "catch" up and learn Spanish.  He loved every minute of Spanish class, I think he enjoyed the challenge.
Mrs. Henry and Truman
The kids all love Mrs. Henry, she is so fun.  She was very impressed with Truman and glad he finally go to be in her class :)
Only two days left!