Monday, May 11, 2015

Lost teeth.

The night before we came home from Japan Truman lost his first tooth.  It was hanging on by a thread and my mom encouraged him to leave it alone so we would be here when he lost it ... it was bad advice {and she was the first to admit it} because he swallowed it that night by accident.

The funny thing is he didn't realize it at first - when we got home we made a big deal out of the fact that he was missing a tooth and he kept telling us he wasn't.  We let it go until finally he came to the conclusion on his own that he really was indeed missing a tooth and that he might have swallowed it.

He still wanted money from the tooth fairy {naturally} so he wrote the note below and put under his pillow one night.

Tonight he finally lost the second tooth which has been hanging inside his mouth for days now.  I tried to bribe him into letting me pull it and finally when he put his fingers into his mouth to protect his poor tooth from me yanking it out - it fell right out.
Checking out his new look!
The two new teeth have already started to come in so I am glad the old ones are out of the way now.