Sunday, May 3, 2015

Simons Family {2015} Edition.

{Krista, Matt, Jonas and Elliott Faulkner, Tara, Presley, Stella and Chris McGown, Brad, Everyn and Amber Simons, Bob and Lynn Simons, Eric, Lincoln, Becka and Ender Cragun, Gregg, Bodie, Truman, Camille and Pete Simons}

The Simons family happened to all be in town this weekend, a perfect opportunity for a family photo.
 I think our little family pulled it together nicely considering we didn't know the date, time or place we were suppose to meet nor what we were suppose to wear until the day of the pictures :/
 I can't even look at this picture without remembering how tired I felt that day ... it will probable never be a favorite of mine because of that.  I LOOK tired!
 The grandkids.

Sella and Presley McGown, Evelyn Simons, Jonas and Elliott Faulkner, Pete Simons, Ender and Lincoln Cragun, Bodie and Truman Simons.