Thursday, May 1, 2014

Women's Conference.

 I wasn't planning on attending Women's Conference this year because of Pete {no nursing mothers}.  Last night a friend stopped by on her way to spend the night in Provo for Women's Conference and we started talking about how wonderful the conference is.  Later that night I was telling Gregg how bummed I was that I couldn't attend, but that I knew having Pete would mean that it was my years to "miss out" on lots of things because I am nursing {which I am totally okay with, it's just still sometimes a bummer!}

Gregg said he thought I should go to at least the morning sessions.  He said, "nurse Pete, leave me a bottle and we will be fine."  I jumped at the chance!  And it ended up working perfect, I nursed Pete and then went down to two classes, Gregg brought all the kids down to Provo at noon.  I fed Pete, we ran some errands, I fed Pete again and then Gregg took the kids home for naps and I stayed for the last class.  
 There is something powerful and inspiring just being in a room with this many other women.
Sheri Dew's opening talk was entirely worth all the effort and juggling to be there.
 Tiffany was on the service committee this year - she helped with all the blankets in the Smith Field House.

 I went to be with her and spend more time together while listening to a talk about marriage and of course working on that quilt.
I wend the second day also but could only make it for the closing talks.

 It was inspiring to be with family.
Fred, Marie, Ilene, mom, me, Tiff.

{I think it's funny that the random lady who took this picture for us was bragging about her iphone photos skills and then her finger was in EVERY picture she took!}