Thursday, May 22, 2014

The ER.

The ER should sell a punch pass ... something along the lines of 11 visits and your 12th visit is free!  We would totally buy a punch pass!
Last night Bodie came running into the kitchen saying something was in his nose.  He usually says something along those lines when he has a runny nose that he wants wiped so, I wiped his nose.  He insisted "it" was still in there so I had him blow thinking it was a booger.  
 Then the tears and drama started {so I grabbed my cell phone and started taking pictures}.
He yelled, "there is an old maid in there!"
"WHAT?" I said, "an old maid ... as in a popcorn kernel?!"
"yesssss" he said through tears.
Sure enough, there was a huge popcorn kernel in his right nostril.  We had never experienced anything up the nose before so we called a friend in the neighborhood who is a doctor.  He told us it needed to come out in the next 24 hours so it wouldn't cause any infection.  He gave us some tips on how to get it out.
 For about two hours we tried EVERYTHING including anything I could find on google.  One suggestion our friend gave was to have Bodie close his mouth so we could blow through the other nostril and try and get the kernel to come flying out.  Surprisingly Bodie let us try it but it didn't work.

Another neighbor who has 4 boys {older then ours} got wind of what was going on and came over to help - she has lots of experience in these kinds of things!  She brought a huge syringe so we could try putting water up one nostril so it could flow out the other and hopefully send the kernel out.  We tried several times - it didn't work.

We called our friend back who is a doctor and told him we were having no luck.  He happened to be working the ER and told us to bring Bodie in - there wasn't much going on in the ER so they were able to see him quick.
 We thought for sure we were going to have to hold Bodie down while Dr. Tullis dug out the kernel but Bodie was a champ, he laid there completely still.
 And out it came.
It was huge and it was up there far!  There was no way we were going to get that thing out at home!
 We strapped Bodie into his car seat to head home and from the back seat he said, 
"I was so good - can we go get some fries?!"

Sure, why not!  So a little after 11 PM we went to the Wendy's drive-through.

Then he said, 
"How about a new family rule mom and dad, no food up your nose."

Good family rule Bodie!  You make us laugh.