Sunday, May 18, 2014

Elder Quinn.

We had a belated Mother's Day today when we got to 'talk' to McKay.
My parents were on a cruise during Mother's Day so we postponed talking with him until today.
We did a google hangout with McKay in Mexico City {showing us his companions in the office}, Anthony and Sharon's family in Michigan, Dallin and Becca in Virginia, Nathan and Lauren in San Francisco, Tiffany and Aaron's family in Herriman, Utah and us in Midway, Utah.
Gotta' love modern technology, especially because we not only got to talk to McKay, we got to see him!

Truman taking a turn to say hello.
Bodie showing McKay his latest skinned knee.
It was SO good to see McKay and talk with him, he is doing so great.  He is still serving in the mission office but now he is on a special assignment with a former AP to travel the mission and do special trainings.
After Truman and Bodie said 'hello' to McKay we put them in our room because they were so typer seeing McKay.  With in a few minutes this was the scene!  They were so tired.
McKay showing us how 'fat' he has gotten in the office.
Showing us how tall he is next to his companion.
We talked for about an hour before McKay had to go.  He was still the same silly baby of the family that makes us all laugh, even all the way from Mexico.  
Grandpa Quinn the baby whisperer.
Sleeping Pete.