Wednesday, May 7, 2014

9th Anniversary.

We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary today.
 Gregg drew this picture when he was 7 years old.  Out of all the things he could have filled in the blank to "Someday I will ... " he put "get married."  Of course I think it is darling.

We had a low-key celebration this year.  We weren't going to do anything but at the last minute my sister took the kids {minus Pete} so we could have 24 hours together.
 We had to keep with tradition and go to McDonalds.  Gregg took me there the morning we got married on the way to the temple because I was starving.
 I didn't take a single good picture with my real camera of the day :(
We went shopping and to dinner at Cheesecake Factory because they have good cheesecake :)
We at the cheesecake in bed that night. Yum.
It's been a great 9 years - now on to planning something big to celebrate 10 next year...