Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sunshine Circle Graduation.

Truman graduated from school today.
This was Truman's spring school picture.
So cute!
He has a little twenty minutes program where they sang songs.
They each had a speaking part.
Most of the songs were about the sun since the schools name is Sunshine Circle.
Each child walked across the stage for graduation and said what they wanted to be when they grow up.
Truman said "policeman"
When you ask Truman why he wants to be a policeman he will tell you it's so he doesn't get put in the slammer!
There was a really cute slide show at the end with pictures from the entire year.
Truman filled out this page all about himself at the beginning of the year that they gave back to us tonight.  It's fun to look back at how he has changed over the last 9 months.  
Truman loved Miss Lisa - she was a great teacher, unfortunately this year was her last year teaching.  She gave Truman a package of bubbles and this note;

Dear Truman, 

When you play with these bubbles I hope you will remember the day when we were making those big bubbles in class and they were popping all over us and we were laughing and having fun.  Then I hope you will remember all the fun times we had in preschool and you will always make school fun.  It is important to learn new things and work hard at school.  You will go far in life as you use your talents.  

Thanks for all the laughs and smiles you gave and for the cool things you brought to school.  I loved all the BYU stuff and the "new" underwear for "U" day!  Keep being a great big brother and don't forget to say hi to me whenever you see me.

I love you.

Love, Miss Lisa

Truman's self portrait as a policeman.
Mr. Sun
Jake and Luke moved into our neighborhood this winter and joined Truman's school class.
Hopefully these three amigos are going to be good friends over the years.
What a ham.
I wanted to include this picture because I think Truman look so much like his cousin Stella in this picture.  The eyes, eye color and smile.
Truman loves school, we can not wait for kindergarten in the fall.
But for now ... schools out for the summer!!!