Tuesday, May 13, 2014


We have been working really hard on the yard for the last few weeks.  We decided to invest in a full-size trampoline for the boys.  Truman can already do a font flip.  I got on the tramp and just about damaged the entire front of my face trying to do a back flip for the boys.  I am not as young or as in-shape as I remember :) 
 Truman mid flip.
 Bodie's version of a flip, a somersault.  
I foresee hours of summer entertainment!
There is always a first for everything!
This is the first house that we have to take care of our own yard.
We have had fun working in the yard almost every evening.  And the Lindon nursery is my new favorite place to spend money.  I could buy one of everything there!
We planted a small garden and are trying out some new trees, flowers, ground covers and bushes.
{pictured above is a weeping cherry tree}