Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Soccer 2014.

 Our spring weather has been pretty incredible.
This was the sky tonight at Truman soccer game right before they canceled the game due to lightening.
At about 3:30 the house got really quiet.  I went on a search to find out why and this is what I found on our master bedroom floor.  
Power nap before the game?!
 He loves playing SO much, and it is so fun to sit on the side lines to watch and cheer.
 "Mom, did you see that goal?!"

I love this picture of Gregg coaching.
 Racing to the sidelines after a goal.
 Our team.
Micah, Morgan, Truman, Noah and coach Gregg.
{not pictured: the other Noah}

And of course, two additional pictures with Truman's funny faces.