Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lake View Court.

The house that I grew up at in Park City was torn down today.
I loaded up the boys in the car and drove over to see it.
It was kind of sad.
It looked like a natural disaster hit and I had to keep reminding myself that non of my stuff was in the house, just memories.
Here is the house in December of 2012 right before it sold.
{link HERE to see all the pictures}
Here is what it looks like today.

My siblings and I decided to write down some favorite memories from our 20+ years in that house.

lifting up the area rugs, or blankets or pillows or whatever had been on the floor for a while to find a warm spot to lay on and warm up.
The piano full blast...Phantom of the Opera, The Beatles and Whitney Houston!
Dallin's 101 Dalmatian stickers on the wall.

Nate coming into my bedroom (future computer room) every night saying he couldn't sleep and needed to sleep on my trundle bed.

Conference in that sunny living room.

rope, strings, cords, parachute guys cars,......hanging off the balcony...always.
The dogwoods mom hated. The daisy and hollyhock garden I loved.


The__(fill in your own colorful adjective)____Barbecue Pit. Cross country breakfasts, Relief Society dinners, Senior bonfires, and DAD.

Mowing that lawn. I never did, but it seems like someone always was.

darts on the big round window over the front door.
Parakeets in the corner for so many years!
...and rabbits on the deck, and Midnight! the cat.

rollerblading in the unfinished basement.
summer school/preschool! in the unfinished basement.
kick-the-can, backyard parties, Christmas decorations, jumping off my loft {and apparently breaking my bed which is now Quinn's bed and she reminds me every time I am in her room that I broker her bed},

the many games on the sports court that we would make up, the tramp in the garage for the winters, the sun in my eyes at the dinner table during the winter months, being SO embarrassed to walk down ALL those stairs to meet my dates at the front door, SPYING on Tiff and her dates!, SPYING on Tiff and Aaron when he brought her home from their first date!

Sunday mornings in mom and dad's bathroom where we EACH took a turn in the bath water!

Mom always out working in her yard, 
the freezing cold house in the summer mornings
My first kiss with Camille, 4th of July fireworks, the fire pit, whiffle ball in the cul-de-sac
Trampoline basketball with Truman
{This dump truck is backed up on the driveway to where the garage doors once were}

Haha... I am loving this walk down memory lane and tribute to the old house. Very therapeutic.
It is really interesting that a few features and seasons stand out. I am noticing the back yard and its features.

I'll add a few of my favorite memories from my short years with that house- Meeting Valine and Camille for the first time after Nate covered me in mud on an awesome ATV date. He told me not to worry- his family would like me more that way ;)

Coming to share our engagement with Paul and Valine. Grandma and Grandpa Arave were in town too- we shared the whole story while putting a puzzle together in the family room. I realized Valine and I have similar rings

Testing out chocolate cake after chocolate cake in the kitchen in an epic journey to find a comparable one to Magelbys.

Stamping. Stamping. Stamping. All over the kitchen and basement of that house.

Mckay's birthday scavenger hunt to find his iPhone

The family photo taken at the first Thanksgiving I joined for (Nate and I were dating). It was on mom and dad's bed- all in their PJs. Nate insisted that he didn't wear PJs and slept naked. I was asked to leave the room while just the boys took a photo to send Dallin on his mission :)
{What the back used to look like ...
 ... and now.}
My favorite memories: hiking the PC, jumping four wheelers in the field, making cities out of chalk in the cul-de-sac, plowing driveways with the four wheeler, learning how to rappel off of Mom and Dad's deck with Aaron,
Tiff and Camille's high school parties on the basketball court where the neighbors had to call, making planes with Dad in the shop, taking Becca to meet the family, sleeping on the trampoline, selling lemonade, and night games.
{written by Dallin}
This is my attempt at McKay's list: planking everything (including the house itself), burning Christmas trees in the fire pit, Christmas tree rodeo, jumping the new neighbor's driveway on skis, high school parties in the basement, cleaning the cars, organizing everything, making money from all of the neighbors.
Shop projects, climbing wall, outdoor movies, fireworks on the 4th of July, kickball in the field, ATV skiing and tubing in the field  
 It is the end of a really good era!
The new house is going to be great too!