Monday, April 22, 2013

Well child check-up.

This morning Truman had his four-year-old well-child check up.
He was so excited to go since his new found obsession is playing doctor at home.
 He measured in at
38 inches tall
32.8 pounds
Bodie was right there in the thick of the action.
It was kind of funny when Dr. Haderlie came in the room Bodie stood at his knee looking at him the entire time.  Dr. Haderlie would ask Truman a question, for example, "Truman can you count for me?" and Bodie would start right in "one, two, three, four ..."  Bodie was done counting to ten before Truman even got to four!

Then Dr. Haderlie asked Truman if he could sing his ABC's, again, Bodie had sung the entire song before Truman was half-way through.  It was pretty cute.