Sunday, April 28, 2013


For some reason my kids were so funny to me today -
I grabbed my iPhone more then once to document our day.
In church today Truman was hilarious sitting on the bench singing.  
When we got home from Church there was a box elder bug on the stairs that Gregg tried to grab and kill - Truman immediately put his hands around it {pictured above} and said, "No Dad, Heavenly Father made all the bugs and we have to love them, that is what I learned in Primary today."

I sent the above picture to his Primary teachers thanking them!

Its amazing he remembers what he learned in Primary today because apparently he fell asleep for 20 minutes of class.  Here he is telling us about it during Sunday dinner.
{one o'clock church I tell you - naps during class}
Next it was on to playing Dr. Truman and this time Dad was his victim patient.
It started out as a completely normal exam ...
... ears ...
{Truman always checks everyone for ingrown toenails since he recently had one}
a shot in the arm ...
And them came the 'checking of the reflexes'
{I don't know the name of that tool, a hammer?!}
Truman stood up and smacked Greggs knee as hard as he could - except he missed Greggs knee and now I am not sure if we will be having anymore children!!!

I don't know why this particular "check-up" that Dr. Truman did was so fun, but we were all rolling with tears coming out our eyes!

Thanks Truman for the Sunday afternoon comic relief.