Thursday, April 11, 2013

Silver Buttons.

This winter the boys have been in their second semester for "Sound Beginnings" which was called 'Silver Buttons' {part of "Let's Play Music"}

Pictured above is their class: Aiden, Kate, Bodie, Truman, Dylan and Elle
{there were two other little boys who just moved a few weeks ago}.
Miss. Emily who is so patient with my boys.
In Silver Buttons they learned; how to sing in-tune, the days of the week, recognizing 4 basic shapes, rhythm awareness, feeling and keeping a beat, and the solfeg scale and hand signs {just to name a few}.
"Lucy Locket lost her locket"
Bodie's favorite song this semester was "Miss Mary Mack" which is fun to sing along too with this book.

This is Turman dancing to "infernal Gallop"

I thought this was pretty funny;
We were singing "Button Factory" where you use your right hand, your left, then your right foot .. and so on.  By the time we got both hands and both feet going Truman laid down on the ground so he could turn both hands, both feet and his head and nose at the same time!  Way to problem solve when something is hard!

And of course Bodie had to join in with him!
Bodie showing his bell picture from this semester.
I am not sure what is up with the GQ crossing of the legs pose?!  But it is cute.

Trumans bells.
{click HERE to see my blog post about their first semester}
"Hey, hey look at me"
Bodie now likes to go around the house looking like this singing "hey, hey look at me, make yourself look just like me" but he sings it in this weird voice.
Learning beat, rhythm and in-tune singing - they always love the big drum.
Truman showing off his alphabet page - we worked on learning to do the alphabet in sign language and also learned to count to 30.  
We learned "Shoo, Fly" which teaches listening; story through song, and simple percussion - this book goes along perfectly with the song and is so cute - we have to read/sing it almost every night at bed time.

At Bodies 2-year-old well child check up Dr. Haderlie thought that Bodies developmental state was about a 34 month to 3 year old stage instead of a 2 year old.  I seriously think some of that in attributed to these music classes.  Technically you can't start the Sound Beginnings program until you are two but because Bodie had an older sibling in the class he gets to attend.  He can count to 10 all by himself, seriously- what two year old can do that!  Music is amazing!