Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Boys.

Looked in the back seat of the car one day this week and saw this!
Don't turn me in to child protective services!
Then another day it was this!
Saturday afternoon nap in mom and dad's bed!
A Sunday morning bath with the dinosaurs.
Chick-fil-A ice-cream on a sunny day
{the cute owner gave them these for free and a little stuffed animal cow}
Gregg, grandpa Quinn and Bodie fixing the dishwasher!
 Today we were meeting with the landscapers and the boys climbed to the top of the dirt hill by themselves, I was really impressed.
 One day Truman and I were checking on the house and the excavator asked if Truman wanted a turn, sweet!  This week we worked on getting rough plumbing in - plus - water, gas, power, and sewer lines to the house. The rain has put a little bit of a damper on things this week.
I love how they both have their little blankets under their cheeks.

One day this week Bodie crawled into our bed a little after 5 AM {which is way to early}
He snuggled in, took a deep breath and said,
"I'm exhausted"

So am I Bodie!