Saturday, April 13, 2013

Quinns Baptism.

Cute little Quinn was baptized today.
Tiff and Quinn
Aaron and Quinn
Quinn with her friends the Lovell's 
 Good thing Enoch has these two boy cousins!
He is the loan ranger in his family with all girls!
He is usually the first to tell people that it is okay that he has all sisters because Truman and Bodie are his brothers!
Love this family of 7 + one on the way!
Jean really wanted to be in a picture with Quinn.
It was a supper windy day so I told Quinn that next time I am down at her house I would take her to the temple grounds and do a real photo-shoot in her baptism dress.
Us, in the wind!
Addie and McKay.
Anna and I reading stories - for some reason Anna prefers me above anyone else (including Grandma Quinn and her mom - I will take it, I like haveing a little girl}.
Addie getting ready for a new baby in the family!  This is sweet baby Trent.
Tiffany's mother-in-law made these amazing cooks that look like peanut butter cookies but they are not.  Once I try out the recipe I will share it.
Quinn and Jean playing with their new dolls Grandma Quinn gave them.  Quinn's was a baptism girl with a white dress holding scriptures.
And, I couldn't help myself ... I had to share this one!
Love you Enoch!
{and I love Quinns face and Anna wondering what is going on}