Sunday, April 21, 2013

Truman at four.

I love this kid and its easy to see why.

He loves to go to school and see his friends and especially his teacher Miss. Camee.  He also likes music class, Sunbeams {his Grandma Simons is his teacher} and soccer {but is excited for T-ball next}.

He can not wait for the weather to get warm enough to play outside all day.  He likes to take long baths with Bodie and "swim" while they are in there.  During the winter months he loved to go to the rec center, the 'jumping station' and Grandma Simons basketball court!
He is a really good eater and sleeper.  Most days he still takes an afternoon nap, also known as "quiet time."  On days that he gets really tired he will ask for quiet time.  He shares a bedroom with Bodie and sleeps 12+ hours at night.  Currently he likes toast with cinnamon sugar on it for breakfast and a green smoothy {I made real strawberry shakes - with ice cream and all - for breakfast the other morning and neither of my boys would drink it, they wanted green smoothies!!}  Can't complain about that.
Anything green is "army" and if you are luck you get to be in the army.
And of course, there is still a major obsession with ball - any kind - at our house.
Girl angry bird
{this little friend of ours loves Bodie and Truman love her - so we have a little love triangle going on}
Little brother - the real 'angry' bird!
I tied these balloons to the piano bench and they were entertained for hours running in circles around the bench hitting the balloons!