Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Score [x2]

#18 is Truman
I told him today if he scored a goal we would take him out to ice-cream after the game.
It must have worked, he scored two goals!
  Bodie is in heaven being outside kicking his ball around even if it is still a little chilly.
 He looks so grown up!
First. Goal. Ever.
{the picture above is the kick that went right in the goal}
He was so excited and I think a little socked!
He turned around a looked at me and did this!
Then he ran to Gregg {who is the coach of the team} and gave him a huge high-five!
I love his face in these pictures.

Second goal was right here, it just barely went between the flags {and the other coach on the field who is clearing standing in the way}!
 Corner kick.
Team cheer after the game!
The two twin girls on their team are out of town so these three boys played the entire game with no substitutes {again, for the second game}.   

 Bodies face is kind of funny in this picture - but he did a drop kick - seriously impressive for a two year old.
He was in his own little world playing with his ball the entire time. Every time I turned around to check on him this is what I saw.