Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday celebrations.

Like I said, we celebrated all weekend!
I planted the idea of an angry birds birthday a few weeks ago, I needed a break from all the balls!
It stuck and Truman was so excited about an angry bird cake and party.
I did still use my round ball cake pan, but this time the decorating was completely outside my territory of cake decorating!  It was my first time using fondant and it wasn't as bad as I was anticipating, I defiantly learned a few ticks for next time.
Tiffany called in the morning and said they wanted to come after church to celebrate - then she called back and said "we are coming right now so we can go to church with you."  Aaron is out of the country so it was fun that they came.  And it was super fun to have my sister at church with me.  Gregg chastised us for ditching Sunday School together and then questioned if we even went to Relief Society!  We did!

Enoch always does the best job wrapping presents.
The kids wrapped up all there old soccer gear and gave to Truman - he thought it was amazing - its hard to see his face in this picture but what you can see shows how excited he was.  Great gift - we are set on soccer gear for a few years.
The best part {and the part I will never let Tiff live down} was when Enoch discovered that one of the pairs of shoes still fit him and he asked for them back - he was happy to leave with soccer shoes on!  
I left out all my cake decorating supplies and put Addie to work making all the smaller angry birds for the cake.  She had a blast creating them and did an amazing job - it was the perfect finishing touch to the cake.

Addie created all the little guys by herself by just looking at pictures.

Eating all the little birds was a highlight for the kids.

Still celebrating!!!