Monday, March 11, 2013

Two-year check up.

Bodie had his two-year-check up today and as you can see he enjoyed it!
No, he really was good, he just didn't like taking off his clothes.

23 pounds 2 ounces
34 inches tall

Doctor Haderlie was amazed at Bodies "skills"  He said Bodie is at the developmental state of a child who is 34 months {not 24 months}.  At age two Bodie is potty trained, can count to 10 {thanks to music classes!}, sleeps about 12 hours at night at takes about a two hour afternoon nap {although he would prefer a morning nap}.  He loves nursery and our music classes.   He loves balls just as much as Truman; they usually play together very well.  He is a pretty good eater - although sometimes I feel like he dosen't eat very much for a few days at a time.  He is only in the 5% for weight but we are not to concerned about it.  I guess I don't have to feel bad about all the french fries and chocolate milk he has!