Friday, March 29, 2013

Camping {Day One}

Today we headed out on a little camping adventure with my parents, Dallin, McKay and the Hopkinson family.  We headed south {and a little bit west} for some warmer camping weather - I can't believe its camping season again already.  They boys were so excited!
We headed over toward Vernon to find some wonderstone.  I guess you could say this was a "geological" camping trip.  Unfortunately we never found the wonderstone, even after going down the same dirt road more then once, we were following some shady directions Tiff found on Google.  We were literarily "on the wrong side of the tracks" {we took the dirt road to the east of the railroad tracks instead of the road on the west}.  I feel defeated so I want to go back and find this amazing wonderstone!
Here is what our car-a-van looked like, stopping many times to reconsult the google instructions and to try to figure out where in the world we were!

{after doing more research I found out that one of the only other places you can find wonderstone is near Fallon, Nevada and I happen to have an adventuresome cousin who lives there so I need to get her and her family on board to go find some wonderstone near Fallon}
My the time we let the kids out of the car Truman had heard so much about this wonderstone that he picked up the first rock he found and said, "I found it" and insisted we bring the rock home.
 Gregg is a good dad, he opened the back of the car and let Truman put in his special rock, I would have talked myself blue in the face trying to convince Truman that it was not what we were looking for.
 On the road again!  Hopefully this time to find Topaz Mountain.

Truman was sure once we got out of the car the first time that we were at our camping site, so he was more then disappointed when we loaded him back in the car.  We didn't tell him we still had over an hour of driving to do, instead we turned on the music and had a dance party.
The driver.
This is what Bodie thought of the load music.
Jean, the birthday girl!
{she celebrated her birthday all week but today is officially her 4th birthday and she is sacked out}
The setting sun was amazing - Gregg was a good sport about stopping at my request for pictures. 
 Amazing!  One of the many reasons we love to camp!
Once we got to camp it was a mad dash to get our tents set up before it got to dark.
 Once the sun went down the glow-sticks came out!  
These pictures are of the kids twirling their glow-sticks around, you can kind of see Addie in the blue part of the picture below.

 You can see the outline of Addie in the picture above.
 The kids had fun throwing their glow-sticks up in the trees and then the dads would run and jump to get them out.  We also sat around this picnic table and ate Tiff's favorite candy, hi chews which I found in bulk at Costco.
 Bodie and Truman all tucked in!
Bodie got his own sleeping bag this year so tonight was his first night in it.

Right after we got the kids in bed and I took this picture we heard "scary" noises just outside our tent by the boys heads.  The noises sounded like horses, pigs, chickens and "a BYU cougar"
Bodie got the biggest eyes, put his blanket over his head and said "scary nosies".  He would not let me take the blanket off his face and after a few minute he was out.

We had to explain to Truman that the scary noises were uncle McKay and Dallin playing noises on their iPhones outside our tent.  Pretty soon we heard the scary nosies by the Hopkinsons tent followed by Anna crying "I scared, I scared"

Great memories.