Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bed time with cousins.

{Addie reading to Truman, Jean and Bodie}

Our cousins are off track for the month of March so we are fitting in as much 'cousin time' as we can.  We had Enoch and Quinn last weekend and now we have Addie and Jean.

The quote of the week at our house is "we need an Addie" she is a HUGE help!  This morning before any of the kids came upstairs she had changed Bodies night-time-poopy diaper and had everyone dressed.  She also taught Truman how to make his bed and he has been doing it every morning since.

See what I mean, "we need an Addie"!
Jean heard us saying this and siad "I will give you my Enoch - but not my Addie"
Truman was loving on his baby doll tonight - so cute.