Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter.  The bunny came last night {thanks to uncle Dallin and his friend Sarah}
Egg finding mad dash.
The loot.
The ultimate treasure was these baskets from Grandpa and Grandma Simons.
Thank you!
* Just a random thought ... Dallin bathed and put the kids to bed last night because Gregg and I were out on a date.  I am not sure what happened during the night but I find it interesting that Bodie woke up with Truman's PJ top on - or, since Bodie is missing his pants maybe Truman stole Bodies pants ... not sure what happened or if any tears were shed over it but I do find it interesting!!!

Happy Easter from the goofy brothers.

 I wish Bodie didn't look like such a doofus in this picture because I think it is darling of Truman and Gregg - this picture will come back to haunt Bodie I am sure.
Our attempt at a family picture.

Of course at church today the boys both had Easter lessons, Bodie is obsessed with the "cave" and the "hole" and putting Jesus in and out of the hole.  The nursery leaders actually had to make him two sets of pictures, one that was cut out and one that was not - upon his request.  Here he is showing grandma Quinn what he learned.
Truman told me that the cave Jesus was in was a lot like the one that Daniel was in with the lions - interesting connection!