Monday, March 4, 2013

Bodies Birthday.

Our little Bodie turned two today!
We celebrated his birthday all weekend with family.  Bodie told me a few weeks ago that he wanted a basketball birthday party.  He was so excited to go to the store to get basketballs for his friends and balloons.  He also loved checking the fridge to see the progress of his basketball cake.

He makes great faces while blowing out candles.

 {instagram photo via Dallin}

Still working on blowing out candles.
 We are making good use of the ball cake pan!
I am getting more confident in making and icing round cakes.

 We served orange veggies and quiche for dinner before cake and ice cream
{bummed I didn't get a picture of the quiche in little matching pock-a-dot trays for the kids}
Why is throwing a party so much fun?!  And so magical for the kids?!

 So excited about the singing birthday Thomas train that Grandpa and Grandma Simons gave him.

 I wanted to also include this picture of Bodie opening a gift from Truman.  Look how cute Truman is watching Bodie open it.  It was a load of bubbles and bubble blowers for this summer - although quickly after Bodie opened this gift Truman had the brilliant idea of getting in the tub and blowing bubbles {actually they went back and forth between the tub and shower}.
So much fun.
I think the might have used all the bubbles already.
Happy 2nd Birthday!!!
{read about the day he was born HERE and HERE}