Thursday, March 28, 2013


 We celebrated Passover tonight at Hopkinsons.
The fine china came out!
First was the Kadeish, the drinking of the frist cup of red ... grape juice!
Next was the dipping of the Kapras in the salt water, then dripping the water on your plate - in remembrance of the tears shed. 
{Kapras refers to a vegetable, usually celery or parsley}
Next is Yachatz, the breaking of the matzo in a white linen cloth.  The larges pieces is called Afikoman and is hidden until the end of the meal.
 Next we ate the Koreich, its a sandwich made of the matzo and maror {bitter herb = horseradish}
Trumans not sure how he feels about the horseradish. 
Next we listened to the story from the scriptures of the last days before Christ crucifixion and  resurrection.
After the story is Shulchan, or "set table" where the meat is served.  Usually you eat Zeroa {roasted Lamb} and Karpas {other veggies such as parsley, celery or potatoes}.
Tiffany made these lamb and potato kabobs that Aaron "roasted" them on the grill.
It was delicious.

At the end of the meal you have Tzafun which is the eating of the afikoman.  The kids had to go on a little treasure hunt to find the afikoman and the person who found it go a special treat.

This meal was a great way to remember why we are celebrating Easter this weekend.
The kids were asking lots of questions and were totally into it.