Monday, March 18, 2013

Dinner at Dutch Fields.

Greggs family has a tradition of having a picnic in the future "dining room" when they build a house.  He wanted us to carry on the tradition so we did.

We officially got our building permit from the city so tomorrow the digging will begin.  I completely forgot that tonight we were going to have dinner on our lot until Gregg called from work right as I was pulling dinner out of the over.  We opted for "donuts in the dinning room" instead {besides, it was way to cold to stay out there very long}.
The camera was perched on a dirt rock until the dirt crumbled and the camera fell and we got this totally crooked picture!
{aren't we a cute family of 6}?!
We were a motley looking crew, it was cold and I was just trying to keep everyone warm!  We have Jean and Addie {cousins} with us for a few days so they are getting to experience all this excitement with us!

Incase you were wondering, Truman has a bandaid across his nose - he had a bloody nose so he asked for a bandaid and then he proceeded to put it across his nostrils.  Innovative?
First signs of a new house being built!
 While we were finishing our donuts {and playing a little golf} a dump truck showed up with equipment for the excavators, it was fun to watch it dump.

 The simplest things make the boys so excited {and me and Gregg too for that matter}. 
 Trumans shot almost took out our neighbors window by about 2 inches - we are going to have to impose new rules pertaining to where he practices golf, like only on the golf course!
 We had to have this sign up by 8:00 AM this morning, so Addie and I were busy painting it on the kitchen floor this morning.  We are official!
{photo by Addie}
This will be our view of Timpanogos {well, actually several feet higher on the main floor and even higher on the second floor}.