Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Today it worked out that our entire family could go skiing at Sundance.
It was a beautiful warm day to ski and the boys had a blast.
 A little dazed because it is nap time.
 Today was a break-through day of skiing for Truman.  He usually ski's between our legs - last week when we were doing this he kept asking to go by himself but I was worried to let him because we were by ourselves.  Today with Dad on his ski's and me just in winter boots and snow pants we made a great team on the mountain helping Truman learn to ski by himself.

Gotta love spring skiing, the coat, hat and gloves all came off then it was the unzipping of the snow suit.
Gregg and Bodie on the tow-rope.
To our surprise Bodie did not really like going fast down the ski hill.
Look at that concentration!
It was fun to see Trumans confidence as he learned the feel of maneuvering his own skis.
What a great day!