Monday, October 15, 2012

The Kids.

Bodie with his favorite little blanket square.  
Sawyer {9 months} and Bodie {19 months}
Bodie seemed so grown up to me on this trip ... I think it's because I didn't have Truman to compare him with.
The kids love Abe.

Sawyer and Crew were always looking out the window at tractors.  So cute.

The kids thought being in the crib together bouncing around was so much fun.
Great entertainment.

Bodies new word is "snuggle" - it sounds so nasally when he says it.
 Crew let Bodie borrow these darling boots while we were there.  Bodie was in love with them, they were so cute.  These pictures are of him dancing around in the kitchen with them on {because they made a clicking sound on the wood floor}.