Sunday, October 7, 2012

Conference Weekend Part II.

Conference Weekend Part II should really be called 'Homecoming'
It was PCHS Homecoming on Saturday night so Saturday afternoon Tiffany and made corsages for McKay and his friends.  We had a miscommunication on the flowers so we had very little to work with - so we had to get creative!
{my design, because I love purple}
{Tiff's design}
{I made this for McKay's date ... it turned out a little ... large!}

{we were trying to be really creative so we used some parsly from my moms garden - then the jokes started about how the girl could just cake a bite if she got hungry during the dance ...}
 {Addie's creation}
We ended up making five extra corsages so we packaged them up and sent them with McKay to the dance so he could give them out to girls who were at the dance stag or did not have flowers.  His friends were all really cool about the little 'charity' project.

All the couples met at one house so the parents could see everyone and take pictures.  McKay is the sixth {and last} child in our family ... sixth and forgotten {right Nate?!} ... so my parents were not planning on going to meet his date and take pictures so Tiffany, Dallin and I jumped in the car and followed McKay.  As you can imagine he was not totally thrilled to have THREE older siblings watching and taking pictures!  He made us wait outside the house until he "texted" us to tell us we could come in.  He was actually a really good sport about having three older siblings there to embarrass him.
 Trying to get that darn flower pinned on {while people take pictures}!
Dates mom trying to help ...
 Time to call in the pro ... the older sister had to pin it on!
{does McKay look thrilled}?!
 She made her dress!  Cute.
And McKay looks so nice
{we had a major fight right before he left the house about what he was going to wear - I am glad he wore this out fit - he looks so good}
 Did I forget to mention that it was a masquerade?!
McKay texted us while he was on this 'day date' activity and told us to hurry and go buy/make him a mask.  Thanks for the advanced notice McKay!

Good times.  Thanks McKay for being such a good sport while your older sibling harassed you!  We had so much fun making the corsages, laughing, joking and reminiscing on our high school dances.